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Cruise in Taiwan

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Cruise in Taiwan
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Last Updated: 2019/07/01 09:46

Bus Information

1.Green Line

Taiwan Railway ->Wester Coast Information Center:
After existing from “North Station” of Train Station, walk in northeast direction and alone Gangxi Street onward to arrive the Wester Coast Information Center in about 4 minutes.

Wester Coast Information Center -> Taiwan Railway:
After disembarkation, walk in southwest direction and towards Gangxi Street, follow Gangxi Street onward to arrive in about 4 minutes.

2.Red Line

Taiwan Railway ->Keelung Harbor Service Building :
After exit from the “South Exit” of the train station, walk south and take Gangxi Street, take pedestrian overpass and follow Maritime Plaza (Zhong 1st Road) onward. Turn left and walk to Zhongzheng Road to arrive to East Coast Pier in about 8 minutes.

Keelung Harbor Service Building -> Taiwan Railway:
After disembarkation, walk in southwest direction and toward Xinyi Road, proceed along the Maritime Plaza (Zhong 1st Road), followed by using the pedestrian overpass to arrive in about 8 minutes.

3.Blue Line

Route for disabled or baggage.

Train Timetable

Car Type Number of vehicle Via Departure and Destination Stop Time to Leave Station () Arriving Time to Station ()

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