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Last Updated: 2019/12/27 15:52

1.All adult passengers (over 20 years old) can carry duty-free 200 cigars of tobacco and 1 liter of alcohol. Any exceeding amount carried shall be declared to the customs office for tax payment. Passengers failing to declare to the custom office shall be imposed of fine of NTD500 per pack of cigarettes and NTD2,000 per liter of alcohol, and shall be confiscated.

2.Passengers shall voluntarily declare to the customs office for luggage and articles with total value exceeding the allowable amount of NTD20,000.

3.Cash: Passengers carrying currency cash exceeding the amount of USD10,000, NTD100,000 or RMB20,000 or equivalent shall voluntarily declare to the customs office. Passengers failing to declare to the customs office will have the exceeding part confiscated. The amount exceeding NTD100,000 will be rejected for transport.

4.Animals, plants and their products (meat products, and fruits) are prohibited from carrying into Taiwan. Failure to declare accordingly is subject to a fine of at least NTD3,000.

Site link for current exchange rate:  http://rate.bot.com.tw/Pages/Static/UIP003.zh-TW.htm

Animal Quarantine and Inspection: https://www.baphiq.gov.tw/en/view.php?catid=5985

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