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Cruise in Taiwan

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Mail box processing procedure

1. Incoming inquiry letters

2. Assigning someone to deal with incoming e-mails.

3. Being dealt with by related authority.

4. Replying e-mails.

E-mail processing explanation

一、 Should you have any suggestions or any improvements we can make, please feel free to send e-mails to our mail box. We will reply your e-mail or make accurate actions as soon as posdible. Thank you for your suggestions.
二、 In order to contact with you in time, please fill in your real name, telephone no., address, and your e-mail address.
三、 In accordance with Article 5 of Personal Information Protection Act, we will use your persinal information ( including name, telephone no., address, and e-mail address ) or other direct/indirect information honestly and certainly. We can't exceed the necessary scope of particular purposes, and we should have resonable relationships for the purpose of collecting personal information.
四、 The personal infirmation you provided are only for internal ibquiry, not for any other purposes.

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