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Amazing Waters of Kaohsiung! Start the Summer Water Party Now!

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Summer is the time to go to the seaside! When you are in Kaohsiung, you can enjoy cooling summer activities no matter where you go. This year the summer vacation began half a month late due to the delayed beginning of the school term. However, it has not affected the huge influx of tourists after the pandemic situation was under control. This summer, the Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government has launched “Amazing Waters of Kaohsiung 2020 Summer Series of Activities” centered on waters. Yang Ming-Jou, the Acting Mayor of Kaohsiung City, said that Kaohsiung is a city linked by waters; the public can easily come into contact with the sea, rivers, and lakes, even from the downtown area. There are also sunny beaches, full of the air of southern islands. This summer, we have launched a 3-month long “Amazing Waters of Kaohsiung” summer series of activities with three main themes: Water of Sports – Louts Pond, Water of Youth – Cijin, and Water of Romance – Love River. There are 6 series of activities: Family Water Tour at Lotus Pond, Kaohsiung X Water Jump Carnival, Cijin Summer Sunset Party, Cijin Glamping, Love River Carnival, the Children’s Summer, all of which are extremely fun. July 18thand 19th, the first weekend of the summer vacation, is celebrated with activities including: Lotus Pond Family Water Tour at the wakeboarding area at the southern side of Lotus Pond, Kaohsiung X Water Jump Carnival at the water jump area at the northern side of Lotus Pond, and the Cijin Summer Sunset Party. On July 18th, the first day of Lotus Pond Family Water Tour is free and there is a sunset photo studio organized at Sunset Platform, the brand new attraction of Cijin, On July 19th, the water combat competition is held at the northern side of Lotus Pond. All these three activities are free of charge, allowing visitors to embrace and enjoy summer in Kaohsiung City on the first weekend of the summer vacation at ease. Love River, the Mother River of Kaohsiung City, also launches activities during the summer. On July 25thand 26th, there is the Children’s Summer, in which performances with nearly a hundred cellos accompany the food truck market. Between August 1stand 9th, there is Love River Carnival, which builds up the most romantic atmosphere in the area. In addition, August is the most sweltering month in the City and visiting the seaside to play with the water is highly recommended. On August 1st, the beach water slide will appear in front of Cijin Sunset Bar. On the same day, Cijin will also host the Mazu Cup Jong Mei Surfing Competition. There will also be surfing and SUP coaching available at Cijin every weekend in August. Between August 15thand September 30th, the Cijin Camping Site is hosting glamping activities. On top of experiencing the luxurious tent, there are also beer drinking and campfire every Saturday. Chiu, Chun-Lung, Acting Director of the Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, said that passionate and friendly Kaohsiung City is the top choice for taking a vacation in summer. He suggested that tourists can make good use of Taiwan Pass products such as “KLRT-2 Day Pass” and “Lotus Pond Pass”, along with various public transportation means to visit Asia New Bay Area (e.g. Ferris Wheel, Gushan Cave, I-Ride KAOHSIUNG), Love River, Cijin, Sizihwan and other attractions near Lotus Pond. Along with the promotional package from the triple stimulus vouchers, we strive to not only offer you a fun summer by playing with water, but also indulge you with feasts of all senses, eating, drinking, playing and frolicking. Be it water sports, sunset viewing, sunny sports, or hipster market, you will definitely find your desired ways in Kaohsiung City to enjoy a cool summer playing with the waters. It is precisely the unique charm of Kaohsiung City. ​

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Published Time:2020/07/22


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