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Hero Brings Teddy Bear around Kaohsiung Marking the Start of Military Tourism for Great Fun in April

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Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau and the Bureau of Cultural Affairs held a press conference for military tourism today (30th of March) at the Imperial Japanese Navy Fongshan Wireless Communications Station to promote the latest military tourism themed events in Kaohsiung. In addition to the Children’s Day promotion of complimentary child ticket with an adult ticket purchased, the bureaus planned to launch a specialized military tour at Fongshan, Zuoying, Gangshan, and Gushan. Along with the military tourism map, Kaohsiung Military Veteran Village delicacies and accommodation discounts, the bureaus invite the public to come and experience the unique military culture and enjoy a different kind of military trip. In conjunction with Children’s Day, the bureaus have launched the promotion of complimentary child ticket with an adult ticket purchased. One can enjoy this promotion when visiting attractions such as Siaogangshan Skywalk Park, Gushan Cave and Gushan Aviation Education Exhibition Hall between the 2nd and 5th of April. In addition, children under the age of 12 years dressed in camouflage clothing can enjoy a complementary entrance to the zoo and a series of exciting Children’s Day activities. In collaboration with the military tourism month, the Bureau of Cultural Affairs has provided complimentary entry for children under the age of 12 years at the Center of Old Fongshan City History, Cultural Park of Taiwan Military Veteran Village and Fongyi Academy during the extended weekend (2nd to 5th of April) as long as they have appropriation identification. In an attempt to rejuvenate military attractions such as Fongshan army, Zuoying navy, Gangshan air force, and Gushan, the Tourism Bureau has launched the Fongshan, Zuoying, Gangshan and Gushan military tourism map. The public can follow the map to explore the 4 military themes. The “InvoiceMan” app integrates the military attractions with various activities in the form of Q&A, allowing the public to participate in a lucky draw while exploring and enjoying themselves. In addition, the bureau also worked with Teddy Bear to launch a military attraction stamp collection. By collecting all 5 stamps and uploading the stamp card and photograph with the attractions onto Instagram and tag “Military Tourism Month Stamp Collection Activity”, one stands a chance to win a special edition Teddy Bear, hotel voucher and many more prizes. The “Enjoy Outdoor” military video collecting event will also be launched afterward. The bureau welcomes everyone to explore the military attractions based on the map and showcase your brilliant ideas. For specific details about the events, please check the Kaohsiung Travel FB page (https://www.facebook.com/khh.travel/). Dr. Yeh Kuang-Shih, the Deputy Mayor of Kaohsiung, said that other than traveling by yourself, the public can also join the tour group! Between April and June, Kaohsiung is launching Fongshan, Zuoying, Gangshan, and Gushan military tours sequentially, enabling the public to follow the steps of local guides and explore the secrets of Kaohsiung military attractions. The stores which were awarded “Top 10 Military Veteran Village Delicacies” have also launched various promotions as well as providing takeaway and delivery services given the COVID-19 situation. This allows the public to enjoy the food at ease. In addition, the March accommodation promotion will be extended to welcome the public to relive good memories in Kaohsiung while taking advantage of all the offers. Kaohsiung is the only city that has bases for army, navy and air force, as well as military schools and the largest military veteran villages which house all three armed forces, preserved in Taiwan. These villages include: Fongshan Army Huangpu Village, Zuoying Navy Mingde Village, and Jianye Village as well as Gangshan Air Force Sing Village and Lequn Village. The Kaohsiung City Government has also been actively promoting the preservation and rejuvenation of the relevant area. Some examples include the transformation of Huangpu Village into a bed and breakfast, rejuvenation of Farewell 886, the Cultural Park of Taiwan Military Veteran Village as well as the refurbishment and reuse of the Center of Old Fongshan City History, showcasing the emphasis the government places on military and military veteran village culture. The Bureau of Tourism has also been actively promoting the cultural tourism of military veteran village. One example is the “Kaohsiung Bike” event which connects military regions, such as Fongshan and Gangshan. This enables the public to explore the cultural background of the Kaohsiung military. In the future, the government will also work hard to develop even more fun itineraries, and invite the public to experience the different facets of Kaohsiung.

Official Website:https://khh.travel//News-Content.aspx?l=2&nid=2735

Published Time:2020/03/30


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