Hash Value

We use hash algorithms to make sure that an attachment is the one we directly provide to users and that it has not been maliciously changed by others. You may use a verification tool to see if an attachment’s hash value matches its hash verification code listed on this website (please remember to use SHA-256). Thank you.

序號 File Name Hash Value
1 蓮池潭旅遊導覽地圖_3600.pdf 5581DD45318BE96B6058E507D67C4E08C9924280629EE719861A7C07E0265F11
2 蓮池潭旅遊導覽地圖(Lotus pond guide)_3600.pdf F34920AABB2384D78A28735A57154A49CE7E287761EA5C9A06490482F62B5503